My name is Espresso. I was born March 15, 2009, that ment  I was born in the letter year E.  I was born in Fondamente, France it is north and a little west of Montpellier in the south of France in the mountains.  I had one sister and six brothers in my litter.  Isabelle

my breeder wanted a fawn girl  and my owners wanted a brindle (which I am) so it worked out perfectly.  My owners

had been writing Isabelle for over a year because of their  excellent reputation as breeders. My older sister, Bellisa was the National Champion of France in 2008.  But I am getting ahead of my story. I bet you are wondering about my name, my new owners picked it, Larry loves Espresso and I am dark like espresso. I have lots of energy like the beverage. Plus I look like my mother and big sister Bellisa.  I left France when I was 8 weeks old. I was sad to go but I love new adventures.  When I was in the airport in France I discovered I could bark so I barked goodbye to everybody. We had to take 2 airplanes to get home one from Montpellier to Paris, and one from Paris to New York City. The first one was short and I decided to talk most of the way, the second one was long and, as long as my new Mom held my bag and touched me I would sleep.

Then we got in another car and drove for three hours to our house.  I was tired from all the traveling and I slept all the way home. When I got home they were tired and I wanted to play. So play I did with Larry after a while I curled up on the sofa and slept with him.  The next day Créme and Bacchus came home, Créme was excited to see me  but Bacchus was not.  I think I was too small for him and made him nervous.  But we are best buddies now.  Bacchus ended up having to take a vacation for another week Créme was in something called heat.  As I am growing up Créme  and Bacchus have taught me a lot of neat things, like how to ring the bells if I want to go outside.  Créme tied to teach me to play with Bob the cat, Bacchus taught me how to play stomp the cat, I can not figure out why he will no longer play with me. I think Bob would like a new home. They both taught me the yard is the place where we can play ball, and my favorite game is called chase.  Sometimes Bacchus plays football and tackles me and I don’t even have the ball, he just thinks I have it.  Either that or he likes to watch me roll. I am having a fun time learning how to be a show dog, I am learning manners  and some day I would like to do agility.  But best of all I love driving them crazy.