My name is Bacchus, I am from France.  I came to America when I was 2, I did not know any English when I arrived.  Larry flew to Paris to pick me up at the airport.  I was suppose to father the next generation in my kennel in France but  my owners after 30 years of breeding  decided to retire.  They were very sad to let me go and agreed that I should see America and live with this nice family in New York.  The family even had a girl for me.  After I arrived in this strange English speaking country I found out my new family did not speak a word of French, boy was I in trouble. How was I to let them know any thing?  How was I to teach them the ways of a French dog?  Well with the help of Cre’me my new girl friend I learned the ropes and learned how to listen in English though they still do not under stand my French. While in France I participated at the Nationale d'Elevage in Conty (North of Paris).  They have a different system in France for showing dogs. In France you get one point if you have the proper physical appearance and meet the standards of the breed.  You earn your next point if you pass the Test d’aptitude and I did, and you get a point if you pass your hips and eye test, and mine did , now I have 3 points.  The way I would earn more points now was in the French show ring competing against other Berger Picards.  Maybe my owners will take me back to finish my cotation.   My American family like to take all of us to  UKC shows around the country.  We like to travel in the car and take long trips. At the UKC shows we run around the ring, then stand in a certain position (in France we could stand any way we liked), but here we must be stacked. Then we run some more while the judge looks at us.  Then he picks a winner.  I am a Grand Champion.   When I am not in the ring I love playing with the girls.  My favorite job is to lick Larry’s face I find the sofa is a very nice place to take naps.  I love my life here, plus the food is much better. Espresso introduced me to a French tradition of digging holes in the backyard.  My owners are not happy with Espresso teaching us this French pastime. “C'est la vie”